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Voyager 360 History: 1999 - 2010

Our VR journey started off with a humble beginning as Voyager Communications Group, Inc. (aka

10 January 1999

Voyager 360 Launched

Voyager Communications Group, Inc. launches — and disrupts the world with the introduction of the first nationwide OPEN Multiple Listing Service (MLS).

17 March 2002 is launched

Voyager announces SuperIDX — the worlds first IDX MLS platform to include the use of 360 virtual tours with residential listings, and FSBOs.

10 August 2004

Anthony Benez hired

Becomes senior web designer at Voyager Communications Group

21 October 2004

Kayyah IDX Announced

Kayyah generation 2 is launched now with Google Maps (beta). First Open MLS and IDX platform to make use of Google Maps data with a 360 virtual tour. 360 camera kits skyrocket by 317%, and Kayyah subscriptions jump 288%. Project Columbus was launched in 2007 with the release of the 1st-generation iPhone.

6 May 2006

Open MLS Institute forms

Voyager 360 joins the Open MLS Institute with David Barry ESQ, Glenn Kellman (CEO, Redfin), Catalist Homes, and Trust MLS.

9 October 2006

EyeSee360 Partnership

Voyager360 cements relationship with virtual tour lens provider, EyeSee360 at Carnegie-Mellon University. Voyager adds new on-demand 360 SaaS module into Kayyah generation 3 platform.

12 December 2006

VR Workshops Announced

Voyager 360 announces fully booked Santa Fe VR Workshops for the entire 2007 calendar year.

1 September 2010

Voyager 360 is Acquired by VPiX

Voyager announced its acquisition by VPiX for a cash and stock offer, with plans to relocate the company to Colorado Springs.