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Still the #1 Ranked 360 Virtual Tour Kit on the planet.

With over 12 years of experience, VPiX is the #1 provider of virtual tour equipment to thousands of businesses and photographers... worldwide.

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VPiX Upgrade Kits for Canon or Nikon
You got a camera and tripod? Then all you need is a VPiX 360 Camera Kit Upgrade.

NN-R1 Adjustable

NN-R10 (Static Tilt)

Sigma 8mm + R10 Bundle

For lenses that require 6-8
shots to create full 360 X 360

Advanced adjustable rotator
for 8mm - 15mm lenses
Carry case included
Tilt Options: -15 to +12.5
STANDARD Training included
-- Includes VPiX 2 Week Trial
Ships: Within 3 days
PERFECT for HD 360. Requires
Sigma 8mm f/3.5 lens.

Best Rotator on the Market.
Designed for Sigma f/3.5
Carry case included
Static Tilt: 7.5
STANDARD Training included
-- Includes VPiX 2 Week Trial
Ships: Within 3 days
Perfect for your Canon or Nikon Camera. Complete kit.
They work better together.
- Sigma 8mm f/3.5 lens
- PT GUI for Mac or PC
- NN R-10 Ultimate Rotator
- VPiX Tour Creator included
- V.I.P. Training / Support
Ships: In 3 Days
Turnkey VPiX Virtual Tour Systems
Everything you need to start your very own virtual tour business.

D7000 Virtual Tour Kit

VPiX Certification / Web

Complete virtual tour kit
with Nikon D7000 camera.

D7000, Sigma 8mm, NN R10
Stitcher for Mac or PC.
STORM #IM 2300 Case
Leveling Head/Tripod
V.I.P. Training
-- VPiX Tour Manager
Ships: Built to Order
VPiX HD Certification Training
and Click to Verify badge.

VPiX Website ( Example )
Google Check Out page
Featured on National Database
1,000 5 X 7 Postcards
TOP SECRET -- Sales Training
Ships: Built to Order

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These are TRUE Virtual Tours. Not like the fake ones you see on Visual Tour or TourBuzz. Those are slide shows. VPiX HD tours lets me sell my services to hotels, resorts and high end REALTORS. They love the quality and I love making $495 to $2,000 or more on every project I shoot. VPiX even lets me download the tours and host them on my own server. RealTourVision won't let me do that and their software doesn't run on a Mac, either. And I'm paying $1.95 per tour, too. Not $10 or $20.

-- Matt Guttman
VPiX Certified Photographer

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VPiX Makes Cool 3D Radar Hotspots

VPiX makes EasyPano TourWeaver, RealTourVision and TourBuzz obsolete. Create your jpeg panoramas at 6,000 pixels wide and 3,000 tall. Upload your panoramas to VPiX and add 3D radar hotspots to your Google maps and add custom floor plans. Save your tour, then export them and host them on your own server. It's a VPiX™ exclusive. Try VPiX FREE for 2 Weeks. No credit card needed.

VPiX Go Pro Now Available
VPiX is now version 3.9 (FERRARI) and it's up to 30% faster. VPiX Go Pro adds e-commerce, a reservation or booking engine, custom URL's, VPiX 2 Go exports (so you can export HTML 5 tours and host them on your own server) and private (password-protected) viewing of tours. It's simply amazing stuff.