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Legal Disclaimer

VPiX® Unsolicited Idea + Improvement Policy
VPiX®, or our affiliates cannot accept or consider new ideas with the direct expectation of compensation to the submitter of any ideas. The purpose of this policy is to avoid any potential misunderstandings or disputes that might arise when VPiX® might release a product or service upgrade that seems remarkably similar to the the idea or improvement submitted to VPiX®.

Terms of Submission / Improvements to VPiX®
If you choose to submit your idea / suggestion to VPiX®, you understand that any and all ideas/suggestions or recommendations for any improvement to VPiX® hosting, software or services will result ; 1.) in no compensation to you, 2.) but can result in your enjoying free services to test or evaluate the improvements we made. You also understand that 3.) there is no obligation on VPiX®'s part to keep any ideas or submissions confidential.

VPiX® welcomes feedback and suggestions regarding many areas of VPiX®'s business. You can Contact Us Here to send us feedback. Please limit your suggestions and feedback regarding existing VPiX® products/services. All information you send to VPiX® shall be deemed to be of a non-confidential nature. VPiX® will be free to use this information as we choose and on an unrestricted basis.

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