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Mortgage Calculators
Zillow has them but they're branded with their logo in them. VPiX®'s real estate search engine optimization clients have them. We are opening them up to all our clients to let you customize them with your name, your logo and your favorite local mortgage company or ABA.

Plus we will brand them in your national franchise colors, too. At VPiX®, we understand that off the shelf isn't always the best way to go. So if you want custom features, we're happy to help.

Right now you can get the national average mortgage calculator FREE. Simply tell us who you are, where your website is and we'll send over the code so your web master or digital diva can install it with just a few mouse clicks.
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Twitter and FaceBook Marketing
A recent report published by Borell & Associates shows that 20% of local businesses are now advertising on FaceBook. This cult phenomenon is fast becoming a place to show off what you can do for next time home buyers.

VPiX® consults and trains REALTORS or brokers how to take advantage of advertising your business on Twitter and FaceBook.

Many blogging portals like ActiveRain.com allow you to share your blogging posts automatically to Twitter as you post them on ActiveRain. We can even help you create a custom Theme for Twitter, too. Click here to see VPiX®'s Theme on Twitter.
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Commercial Real Estate Search for iPhone
Custom iPhone Apps
Apple's iPhone is the preferred marketing weapon of choice for today's modern real estate sales warriors.

VPiX®'s custom iPhone applications include Columbus, and soon... ChirpIDX -- our application that lets you automatically set and broadcast MLS data through your Twitter ID.

VPiX®'s new line up of broker-agent real estate marketing tools and mobile ready applications will make you happy. COLUMBUS will let you create the MLS ID listing, capture photos and video while you're still at the listing appointment.

VPiX® MLS is now IRIS (International Realty Information Services) and it's the first mobile ready application for your iPhone or iPad as a front end to your MLS system. It's so popular, we're already spinning up the MLS servers for Mexico -- and it will be the first ever, official MLS system for that country. For more details on IRIS MLS, click the link below and contact us for more information.

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