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2-Way Chat Creates Leads
HomeGain calls you with a lead but wants 30% of your commission. Your broker is no better than the lead sharks. Using Cendant's Lead Router, your broker wants 25% for every lead the system generates and you still have to wait your turn in line with 100 other agents.

Adding a LIVE human to your website is easy. For just $19.95 a month, we'll add LIVE Chat to your website. People visiting your site can ask a question about a certain property. It's PERFECT to add next to your IDX so visitors can ask questions of you from any property they are looking at.

Normally $29.95, but when you type in the DISCOUNT CODE: ARE1995, you will get LIVE Chat for $19.95 a month.
LIVE 2 Way Chat
Streaming Video Spokesmodels
Every time you go to Walmart, you get greeted by a real person when you walk in the door. Your website is no different than any other store front. Wouldn't it be nice if your website set for real estate search engine optimization could come ALIVE and greet next time home buyers by saying, "Thank you for coming to Amazing Realty. How may I help you?"

Video has been proven to increase leads by 48% or more. When people watch a short video online, people will often take the action step after watching it. They will fill out the form and contact you. Or they will register and download the free report. Video spokesmodels are a proven and affordable way to triple the number of leads you should be getting.
Video Spokes Models
The Whole Enchilada.
Does your website suck? The acid test is pretty simple to determine: 1.) Your website looks exactly like 15,000 others do. 2.) Your Website cost $299 a year or was FREE. 3.) The last time somebody complimented your website was seven years ago when flaming logos were still cool. 4.) Your website still sports a Guest Book.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could find a place to get a really nice semi-custom, Google friendly website with built in 2-Way Chat, a Streaming Video Spokesmodel and a Super IDX MLS system at at affordable price?

Well, you don't have to wish anymore. VPiX®'s new line up of PERSONA websites are here.
Real Estate Websites
Alive Real Estate Marketing Tools from VPiX®
Where Did Your Customers Go?
The market changed again while you were asleep. Reaching today's next time home buyers requires a savvy mix of radio ads, website, Press Releases and online Social Networking.
Learn it now, or Die Painfully.
Blogging is no longer a fad. It's how Google works to get you a top page rank. If you don't learn it now, you might as well pack your bags because your business will not survive long without it. We build websites powered by WordPress.
Don't Make Customers Think.
Website usability has become the single most important factor to achieving success today in real estate marketing. Steve Krug's book, "Don't Make Me Think," is a powerful book packed with information you need to test and refocus your website so next time home buyers will be drawn to it like fly paper. Tell us about your real estate marketing headache by clicking the Learn More button below.

List Price: $149.00 + $24.95
You Save: $74.95
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from Bart's SEO book
Better Together.
Thinking of bull dozing your website? Don't touch it without getting Steve Krug's 2nd edition of, "Don't Make Me Think." Bundled with Bart Wilson's best selling SEO Book and AudioCD, "The Problems with Real Estate Search. Getting FOUND. But now and save $60 when you buy both. Offer expires 1 August, 2009.
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