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Seriously, on behalf of everyone at Voyager International, thank you for taking the time to purchase one of Voyager's 360 Do It Yourself Kits. But if you are already a Voyager customer, then this training module will be a welcome surprise as this now covers many aspects of virtual tour software, camera settings, using PhotoWarp, AutoDesk Stitcher and the Kayyah back office listing manager. Instant training via video is now just a mouse click away.

This new training module contains everything you need to know to get really good at taking 360 virtual tours whether you bought the GoPano One Shot system or our 4-shot QuickLook 360 system. Every month, we will update this module, so check back often for updates. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter so you can know when we post new materials to our on-line training libraries.

ATTENTION FIRST TIME CUSTOMERS OF VOYAGER's VIRTUAL TOUR KITS: Please use this tutorial as your first guide to install your software and practice BEFORE you call Voyager for technical support or training. If you need one on one training with Ron Pepper or Bart Wilson, you will need to call Tanya at (719) 286-0360 and have your training scheduled. You are entitled to initial training and support with the purchase of any 360 virtual tour kit with a LIVE senior 360 instructor over the phone and through your computer. Additional hours, if needed are available in training units and are sold in 2-hour blocks for $149. This gives you on-demand, spot training, computer to computer training, over the phone troubleshooting and an updated Video Training CD subscription for 90 days. New training videos will be mailed to you as part of this program.

If you would like to get hands on training for you or a small group, or if you need VIP support with same day tech support and on the spot training, please click here and contact us for a custom training quote.

LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES: We have new training tutorials going up at our sister company in late June 2009, CSI360. This website is being completely redesigned to include step-by-step tutorials to help you better document crime scenes and to assist in documenting buildings and schools that require linking and hot spots to maps and floor plans as part of the Homeland Security and SafeSchools Grants. Please click here to visit that site.

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