Stitcher Training

Training Topic Runtime  
Stitcher with Sigma 8mm 4-Shot Overview 5:44
Export Cubical Image 1:29
Rectilinear Tutorial 12 Shot Stitch 6:44
Retouch Circular Image in Photoshop. HDR Effects. 6:31
How To Correct the "Diamond Stitched" Tour 2:32
Manually Stitching Your Images 5:37
2-Shot Virtual Tour with Old iPIX Camera Kit 7:04
Making Hotspots in Stitcher
NOTE: Creating hotspots in Stitcher can be done, but is far easier to do in Pure Tools.

Tutorial Images for Above Videos Below

To maximize your learning, below are tutorial images you can use as you practice with the videos above. For example, for the Sigma 8mm, download the file. For the Rectilinear tutorial, download the and so on.

Sigma 8mm Images

Rectilinear Images

Circular Image Retouch

iPIX 2-Shot Images

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