Pure Tools Training

Training Topic Runtime  
Activate Pure Tools and Serialize Product 1:38
Panorama Filemaker. Save Panos In Pure Player Format. 2:16
How to Update Your Pure Tools Software 2:08
Create Fun Skins and Players for CD or the Web 1:40
Making Hotspots 6:19
Save as Pure Player (IVP) and Upload to Kayyah 6:53
Make Custom Splasher. Custom "Loading Tour" Graphic. 4:08

About Pure Tools Software

Pure Tools is normally sold through Voyager with just the Pure Tools basic option. If you need to walk through a house and create Hot Spots linking up many virtual tours together, then you need to activate Hot Spot Creator. These videos are very easy to follow and are designed to work with AutoDesk Stitcher 2009 or PT Gui. For more information or for sales, click here.

version 3.0 | June 2009