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We were banging our heads on the walls over here trying to learn how to take our own 360 tours with the camera kits we bought from B&H Photo. Then we found VPiX™. The VIP training and support has been a real life saver for us. Ron, Susan and Bart were easy to talk to and they helped us learn everything from virtual tour basics to helping us remove the hot spots out of our window shots by using Photoshop CS4.

Tricia McRoberts, REALTOR

Basement camera stores might give you a great price on your camera but when it comes time for training or questions... you're left high and dry.

At VPiX™, we don't care where you bought your camera, optic, rotator or software from. Everyone can get the red carpet treatment and be treated like a Hollywood movie star for just $179.
VIP Membership Includes

VIP Priority Support
With your paid VIP Support program, you get a scheduled date/time for training. We share our computers with you using a WebEx like program called Glance. We show how to use the software, then you take a whack at it and we guide and correct you.

Vendor Troubleshooting
Many of our clients do not know who to call and what to ask for. We will call the camera company, optic company and other vendors and get a fast solution resolved to minimize your downtime and your headaches.

Custom Solutions, Custom Training
Sometimes you need a custom VIP support or training program. How to knock out those hot spots out of your windows with Photoshop. How to create a boot-able CD ROM with your tours on them. Maybe it's a custom website design issue.. whatever the problem, a VPiX™ Solutions Expert can help.

Got questions? Not sure which package is right for you? Call and speak with a support guru. 866-902-3600.
Coming to Your Town!
Many MLS organizations are asking us to come and train REALTORS. If we are not on your monthly training schedule, ask your MLS Group to get us scheduled. Our informative one day seminar will teach you how to shoot your own virtual tours so you can fire Obeo, CirclePix or RealTourVision.
Sign up for VIP. One on One.
VIP One on One training and custom support and training programs are open to existing VPiX™ customers. Including those who never bought their virtual tour equipment from us.
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  2. Add One on One VIP Right Now.
    Don't like to wait? Sign up for VPiX™'s V.I.P. (Very Important Photographer) Support Plan and get same day service questions asked (if posted before 12 noon MST) and next day one on one training with a Rock Star virtual tour photographer. Our V.I.P. training is with Glance which is a WebEx like computer to computer desktop sharing program. We see your screen on our screen. You see our screen on your screen. In 30 minutes or less -- we can teach you the things you need to know about virtual tour photography. Order a V.I.P support package now.

  3. Activate your VIP One to One Support.
    After you complete your order, you'll receive a welcome package in the mail showing you how to make the most of your add on support program.